Three Key Advantages Of Drug Testing

As an enterprise, you can maintain a high degree of professional integrity and safety by conducting precise and appropriate Drug And Alcohol Testing of existing and potential workers. On-site Drug And Alcohol Test brings the laboratory to you, which saves you time and resources.

Helps You Save Time

Having a drug and alcohol collection facility and laboratory on-site is a significant advantage versus collecting or sending samples outside. Your employees will be able to stay at work longer since they will not have to take time off for testing, and they will not have to spend private or paid time to drive to a drug-testing centre. Moreover, onsite Drug And Alcohol TestingGold Coast can expedite the transmission of findings by testing your entire firm in a single day, saving you and your workers time and money.

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It Is Cost-Effective

Your employees will be able to resume working much faster if they never have to leave the workplace for drug tests. Offsite drug and alcohol testing can result in a loss of revenue and efficiency, which can be avoided by using this method. Moreover, you will not have to pay mileage reimbursement or transportation fees to move your personnel to a different place to collect samples.

Cheating Is Not Tolerated

Despite the difficulty of cheating on Drug And Alcohol Testing, dedicated personnel may find a way out. Because workers are tested instantly and without the chance to get drug-free specimens or wait for drugs and alcohol to gradually exit the system, onsite drug and alcohol testing ensures that your results are up-to-date.

Boosts Productivity

Employees who use drugs have been shown in studies to be significantly less productive. As a result of this,

– Low Employee Morale

– Workplace absenteeism

According to a survey performed, drug-testing programs enhanced productivity for one out of every five businesses. Drug testing procedures appear to prevent high employee absence as well. Workers will also be aware that the organization is committed to creating a safe working environment, which will boost morale.

Employer Costs Are Reduced

Employers profit from drug testing in two ways:

– Reduces employee costs

– Encourages a positive work environment

Performing pre-employment drug screens is an excellent approach for businesses to cut down on costly attrition due to drug use. Individuals who have worked three or more jobs in the last five years are significantly more likely to use illegal substances, according to experts. Furthermore, having a well-publicised drug-free workplace policy fosters a pleasant work environment, making your company a desirable place to work.

The advantages of Drug And Alcohol Testing considerably outweigh the expenditures. Because of the increased efficiency and health, as well as the absence of drugs in the office, employees are in a healthier, safer, and happier atmosphere. Simply mentioning that your organization conducts drug tests is generally enough to deter drug users from applying.

To Sum It Up,

Drug And Alcohol Test in the office should ultimately be used to improve worker and service recipient health and safety. They must not be utilised to further isolate drug users by preventing them from finding work or receiving social assistance.

Positive test findings must be handled with decency and regard and people with positive findings must be encouraged rather than humiliated; this is the only way to prevent workplace drug testing from being used to prejudice. This will create a new underclass of destitution, unemployment, despair, criminality, and drug abuse among people who have good grades.

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