How to Bring Back Glowing Skin After Having a Baby

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to a woman’s body. Some women are lucky to have the pregnancy glow caused by increased female hormones. Aside from glowing skin, these hormones also bring lush hair and more beauty.

However, after giving birth, the rush of estrogen and hormones is gone. The body goes through postpartum changes as you recover and adjust to the new lifestyle with your baby. Couple it with sleep deprivation, your skin would look dull and tired after birth. Your skin needs special care to bring back its natural glow.

While every woman has different postnatal skin issues, these steps can help you take care and nourish your skin after giving birth.

Increase Collagen Intake

Collagen is the protein that makes up the skin. Low collagen levels reduce the skin’s flexibility, making it more prone to scars and stretch marks. Adding collagen-rich products to your skincare routine is essential to bring back your skin’s supple texture.

Aside from moisturizers or serums with collagen, you could also take collagen supplements to replenish your body’s overall needs. Collagen is generally safe for postpartum moms because the body converts it into amino acids for absorption. Even breastfeeding moms could also benefit from its wonders.

Moisturize Deeply

Dry skin is a common problem after pregnancy. It could lead to other issues like saggy skin, itchy skin, and stretch marks. Moisturizing is one of the essential steps in postpartum skin care. Use skincare products that are ultra-moisturizing to hydrate your parched skin.

Look for skincare products with natural moisturizers like cocoa butter and shea butter. These organic compounds are easily absorbed by the body, bringing deep hydration to your skin. Apply stretch marks serum on the postpartum belly and other problem areas. Serums contain more active ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, targeting skin issues from within.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Healthy skin glows from within. Aside from applying skincare products, don’t forget to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs. With a healthy body, your skin and hair would naturally look beautiful and healthy as well.

Add multivitamin supplements to your postpartum skincare for overall wellness. Look for vitamins rich in biotin, iron, omega 3, Vitamin C, E, and B complex. Those components help nourish and support your postpartum skin and hair.

Take Care of the Scalp

The scalp is often overlooked when it comes to skincare. However, proper care of the scalp brings healthy hair and scalp. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy wreak havoc on the scalp. It increases sebum production and hair shedding after giving birth. Take care of your scalp by deep cleansing it every week. This removes sebum and dirt build up on the scalp and pores, keeping both the skin and hair healthy. You could also apply a nourishing scalp serum to nurture the follicles and maintain healthy hair.

Being a mom is a tough job. While there are so many responsibilities to do, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. You deserve it after all the efforts and hard work you put into being a good mom.

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